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See you on 13th to 19th May 11am to 9pm at The Centrepoint Level 1 Atrium.

Veuve Clicquot Cuvee Saint Petersbourg Champagne Brut with Box ABV 12% 750ml

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In 1989, Veuve Clicquot created its Cuvée Saint-Pétersbourg in honor of the triumphant welcome Madame Clicquot’s champagne received in Russia back in 1814,a historical marker for the House: Saint Petersburg, where Madame Clicquot's wines were served at the most prestigious tables, very early.

Cuvée Saint-Pétersbourg is based on the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label blend, with the addition of a special dosage liqueur aged 12 months in wooden casks, and a longer aging, both unveiling distinctive mature aromas. Like all the blends created by the House, strength and structure are provided by the Pinot Noir grape (50-55%) while one-third of Chardonnay (28-33%) imparts elegance, freshness and finesse. A touch of Meunier (15-20%) completes the roundness and fruitiness.

The cuvée is made with wines from about 60 different crus. The reserve wines, which guarantee the continuity of the House style, constitute 30 to 45% of the blend, depending on the year. Originating from 5 or 6 different harvests, they are kept in individual tanks according to grape variety, cru and year. After secondary fermentation, this wine is allowed to age on lees in our cellars for 3 years. In order to underline the cuvée’s mature notes, a special dosage liqueur has been created from a blend of our Yellow Label and aged about 12 months in wooden casks. After disgorgement the champagne must mature for at least 6 months instead of usual 3 months. Aging, which is particularly important, allows the dosage liqueur to marry perfectly with the wine and unveils certain distinctive aromas such as toastiness, candied fruits notes.

The first aspect that pleases the eye when tasting this champagne is its intense color with strong golden reflections. Effervescence is particularly fine and persistent.
On the nose, the first impression is one of fruitiness: elegant notes of ripe fruits, dried fruits, spices and Viennese pastries come to the fore in an intense, complex bouquet. The presence of Chardonnay adds a delicate, floral touch (dried flowers). In the mouth, the wine’s supplementary aging bestows additional roundness and aromatic intensity. Toasted notes are present in abundance (toast, praline) as well as a few warmer hints reminiscent of gingerbread and honey. The balance between structure and freshness is perfect. The Cuvée Saint-Pétersbourg is a superb wine to drink as an apéritif. Its unique bouquet, which is the result of the specific aging and dosage it has undergone, will delight those connoisseurs who love champagne with character.

The cuvée Saint-Pétersbourg is a superb wine to drink as an apéritif. Food pairing ideas include seafood, fish tartar, salmon, parmesan and white meat.