Supersteam Double Safe (IPA) (419) Hand Sanitizer 500ML - With Pump

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Supersteam Double Safe (IPA) (419) Hand Sanitizer 500ML Contain 70% of (Isopropanol Alcohol) (Ready Stocks)

DOUBLE SAFE (IPA) (419) Fast Acting, Quick Drying Sanitiser

DOUBLE SAFE (IPA) (419) is a liquid surface and hand sanitiser. A potent combination of 70% Isopropanol, 0.4% (4000 ppm) of Quaternary Ammonium Compund / Benzalkonium Chloride (QAC/BKC). Perfect for restaurant tables, food factory food preparation surfaces and hard surface wipe-down. Ready to use product, no dilution required.

5 IMPORTANT BENEFITS Highly effective Rinse free and non-sticky, no residue left behind Fast drying time, surfaces dry quickly Skin friendly formula (pH 7) Non-toxic, safe to use


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