Somersby Sparkling Rose Cider - 24 X 330ml Pints

  • $101.30

Somersby Sparkling Rose Cider

Somersby Orhcard Selection Sparkling Rosé is a refined semi-sweet apple rose cider that balances the flavor of juicy red berries with a refreshing floral aroma on the nose.

Somersby Orchard Selection

Somersby Orchard Selection is a range of sophisticated ciders for people that know what they like. There are two elegant ciders in the range, Sparkling Rosé and Secco. Perfect for different occasions, from aperitif or a drink after work. From a get-together with friends to drinking it with light meals. These ciders have the same grown-up flavours and structures of wine, but are lighter and more refreshing. At the same time, they are less sweet and lower in calories than today’s ciders. Enjoy them in good company!

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