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Sierra Antiguo Anejo Tequila 70cl

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Sierra Antiguo Tequila Añejo (40% alcohol by volume) is aged over a period of two years in small oak barrels until its flavor matures to perfection. It has a warm, deep-gold color and it is characterized by its aromatic, full-bodied, yet particularly mild, fine flavor. You will notice the sheer breadth of its aroma as soon as you open a bottle of Sierra Antiguo Tequila Añejo. The interplay of vanilla, oranges, clove, and pepper begins in the nose, continues to the palate, and fades slowly into a fruity resonance.


What You Will Get: 1 bottle of Sierra Antiguo Anejo Tequila
Volume: 700ml
Alcohol Percentage: 40%
Type: Tequila

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