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Rong Tai He Maotaizhen

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What You Will Get: 1 bottle of Rong Tai He Maotaizhen
Volume:  50cl
Alcohol Percentage: 53%
Type: Baijiu


With over a 100 years of family tradition and history, this hand-crafted recipe is unrivaled in taste and flavour. Made from locally grown organic sorghum and 68 medical herbs, Rong Tai He contains 100% natural ingredients and can only be produced in the town of Moutai in the Guizhou Province thanks to the town's unique micro climate and rich micronutrients found in the water source from Chishui River.

The ancient distillery process takes a minimum of 5 years, during which the clear spirit goes through 9 rounds of steaming, 8 rounds of fermentation in stone brick pits and 7 separate distillation extractions before ageing in round ceramic pots till perfection.