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Malibu Coconut Rum 70cl

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Malibu Coconut Rum is distilled from fermented molasses and blended with coconut and sugar. The brand is owned by one of the world's largest spirits producers, Pernod Ricard.
Currently produced in Canada, Malibu Coconut rum was originally made in Cura?ao from fruit spirits flavored with coconut and rum. The original recipe was developed as a shortcut for bartenders making PiÐa Coladas, however today the stands on its own.
The coconut is still quite strong, especially on the nose, but the finish isnÍt that lasting sweetness that you get with standard Malibu. Instead itÍs more of a classic rum character on the fade-out, reminiscent of a fairly standard white rum, chased with a bite of old German chocolate cake. We provide online alcohol delivery singapore.