Maeloc Strawberry Cider - 24 x 330ml Pints

Maeloc Strawberry Cider - 24 x 330ml Pints

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Bursting with fresh harvested strawberry flavor in every sip. This cider is made to enjoy in the warm spring days while lying in the fields watching the world go by.

Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider comes from Galicia, Spain, made with 100% Galician apples sourced from local farmers and with all natural strawberry puree from the south of Spain added after the 4 month long spontaneous fermentation occurs before being bottled.


Rosy and brilliant

Fresh strawberries and the unique citric scent of yuzu.

Assertive, candied strawberry flavors with subtle notes of watermelon, bubble gum and wild apple.

4% ABV

What You Will Get: 24 x 330ml Maeloc Strawberry Hard Cider
Volume: 330ml
Alcohol Percentage: 4%
Type: Cider