Hollandia Premium Strong Beer 500ml x 24 Long Cans

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Hollandia Premium Lager Beer is made in the Pilsner style, resulting in a highly drinkable, smooth flavour. Though full-bodied in flavour, Hollandia beer is a light, refreshing beer that is less harsh than traditional Dutch imports. Ingredients: Hollandia is brewed with only the purest natural ingredients: malt from our own malting plant, the highest-quality hops and crystal-clear water from our private well. The brewery, one of the oldest in the country, is located in the south of Holland. The brew master maintains constant supervision of the product, which must meet highly stringent taste and quality standards. Characteristics: Origin: Holland Alcohol/Volume: 4.7% Appearance: Clear and light in colour Aroma/Bouquet: Rich malty aroma, grain, a sugar note with a bit of very clean hops Taste: Flavourful but light and easy to drink, semi-sweet malt taste and not too bitter, with a good clean aftertaste.

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