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FSY Oldenlandia Water 270ml X 24 Btls

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What You Will Get:  24 x 270ml
Volume: 270ml


Oldenlandia has one of the longest of Chinese herb names, outdoing even cordyceps (dongchongxiacao) .It is called shecao, literally tonguedue, due to the herb's reputation for treating poisonous snake bites and the appearance of the leaves (cao) is used to describe any weedy plant) that are like a snake's tongue.

It is found mainly in the southeastern provinces of China-Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian-growing at low altitude in moist fields. It is collected in summer and autumn, dried in sunlight or used fresh. 

Baihuashe is the name of the agkistrodon snake (baihua means white flower and refers to the pattern on the snake's skin; she means snake), a type of pit viper that is also used as a medicine