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See you on 13th to 19th May 11am to 9pm at The Centrepoint Level 1 Atrium.
See you on 13th to 19th May 11am to 9pm at The Centrepoint Level 1 Atrium.

Compass Box Artist #11 Pentalogy Set (Confidence / Fortitude / Generosity / Wisdom / Wonder) with Gift Box

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The Artist Range is a yearly range of independently bottled single malts and whiskies, released by French whisky giant La Maison Du Whisky. For their 11th Artist Range, they found Scottish master blenders Compass Box willing to bottle a range exclusively under the Artist #11 label, which has resulted in five truly amazing blended Scottish malts: Confidence, Fortitude, Generosity, Wisdom and Wonder, together known as the Compass Box Confidence Artist #11 Pentalogy. The artworks adorning the five bottles are created by surrealist artist Charlotte Massip. She draws inspiration from the anatomic drawings of Vesalius, the machines of Leonardo da Vinci, and Dürer’s engravings. By combining historical references and modern elements, a unique contemporary work arises.


1) Compass Box Artist #11 Pentalogy Confidence

- ABV: 55.3%

- Size: 70cl

Limited Edition of 966 bottles

-Produced from one Lowland single grain, one Northern Highland single malt, two Speyside single malts and one blended malt named The Circle, Confidence reveals a palette of flavours and aromas dominated by the single malts. This allows it, throughout the tasting, to confidently reveal superb fruity, floral, herbaceous and honeyed notes.


2) Compass Box Artist #11 Pentalogy Fortitude

- ABV: 52.5%

- Size: 70cl

Limited Edition of 1,074 bottles

Produced from a Lowland single grain, a Speyside single malt, a Highland blended malt and a blended malt dubbed “No Name”, Fortitude proudly proclaims its unmistakable parallels with an Islay single malt. Intensely smoky, its palette of flavours and aromas reveals a peat with multiple faces that nonetheless remains dressed from head to toe in sheer elegance.


3) Compass Box Artist #11 Pentalogy Generosity

- ABV: 51.9%

- Size: 70cl

Limited Edition of 630 bottles

Produced from two Lowland single grains, on the nose, Generosity reveals enthralling medicinal, fruity, herbaceous, cereal and spicy notes. Continuing on seamlessly and with the same generosity and fervour, the flavour palette reveals wonderfully delicate honeyed, milky, creamy, exotic and chocolatey flavours.


4) Compass Box Artist #11 Pentalogy Wisdom

- ABV: 50.1%

- Size: 70cl

Limited Edition of 654 bottles

Produced primarily from a Highland blended malt, Wisdom also includes two vintages from the same Lowland single grain and a small percentage of blended scotch. Glowing with floral and herbaceous freshness, deliciously honeyed, fruity and gently spiced, this version also reveals a palette of aromas and flavours that combines both youthful spirit and... wisdom.


5) Compass Box Artist #11 Pentalogy Wonder

- ABV: 52.4%

- Size: 70cl

Limited Edition of 384 bottles

Produced from one Northern Highland single malt (66%) and one island single malt (34%), Wonder reveals truly incredible maturity and complexity. With lots of finesse and yet still very dense, the aroma and flavour palette is guided by an altruistic peat that is in turns rooty, saline, iodine, earthy and empyreumatic.