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Asahi Black Kuronama - 24 x 330ml Pints

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What You Will Get: 24 x 330ml
Volume: 330ml
Alcohol Percentage: 5%
Type: Lager Beer
The beer acquires its dark burgundy colour and yellow-fawn head from three different roasted malts, although there are also rice and maize in the mash. A lightly malty-roasty aroma has hints of spice and sharpish fruit, and there’s a luscious but dry and roasty palate with blackcurrant and coffee notes. A milky coffee swallow sets up a drying roasty and slightly astringent finish with chocolate, burry hops and burned flavours over soft malt. Overall this is a beautifully balanced example of how to set off intense roast flavours with rich and tasty malts. We provide online alcohol delivery singapore, for abalonewhiskyjapanese whiskyrumtequilaginvodkaWineRed WineWhite WineBeer and Scotch Whisky.