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Nikka Miyagikyo 12 Years old

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This is Nikka Miyagikyo 12 Years old single malt - previously called Sendai - is aged in sherry casks and increases in body and complexity.


  • Color: strong amber
  • Nose: full and tight with a touch of roasted coffee and pecan; the signs of ageing in quality sherry oak. It develops into floral aromas and moves on to oriental spices
  • Palate: rich, marked by the sherry, with remarkable thickness conveying chocolate and coffee. A certain saltiness can be detected owing to the ageing in sherry casks
  • Finish: long and warm, invigorating. This solid whisky is sturdy but also shows real finesse


    Volume 70cl
    ABV 45%
    Type Single Malt Whisky (Japanese whisky)
    Age 12



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