The Singaporean's Cosmopolitan Recipe: A Classy & Elegant Citrus Blend

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In the world of martinis and mixers, a popular choice among cocktail connoisseurs is the ever popular cosmopolitan. It is derived from the Kamikaze, which is a classic vodka margarita made with lime juice and orange liqueur, the cosmopolitan martini offers a stronger orange tasting with a hint of bitter cranberry. It was first created in the late 1980’s and reaching its height in popularity in the 90’s, the cosmopolitan gained most of its momentum from the hit series, “Sex and the City” as it was heavily featured in the majority of the episodes. From that point onward, it’s been...

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A Guide to Mixing With Johnnie Walker: Exploring How to Make Traditional Cocktails with the Labels

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When it comes to Scottish whisky, the simplest way to enjoy it is as a neat drink, with zero accompaniments. This gives you the opportunity to taste the complex, full-bodied aromas, that make up its distinct flavor profile. Pairing it with a splash of water will open up the taste profile and change it as the liquids combine. Drinking it with ice provides a refreshing experience, muting some flavors while enhancing others. But what makes a whisky, “excellent” is its ability to be versatile. Some may look at you odd, but mixing a blended whisky, is a fantastic way to...

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3 most common spirits used in cocktail

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Cocktail also commonly known as an alcoholic mixed drink, consist of spirits with other mixed ingredients such as fruit juice or cream. Cocktail mainly a beverage with at least more than 3 different flavours, with one main content which is alcohol. Normally it must contain alcohol, a sugar, and a bitter or citrus. If a mixed drinks consist of only distilled spirits and a mixer, such as soda or fruit juice, it is also known as highball. Most of the official cocktail from the international bartenders association are highballs. When mixed drinks contain only distilled spirits and liqueur, also known...

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